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Diana Enciu - Alina Tanasa

All women are totally in love with rings, right? Nothing new you’d say! We dream of that special one, we wear every day a new one (at least some of us), we inherit an old one from our grandma and so on. Rings are jewelry, but also symbols and important statement pieces. The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates from over 6000 years. Oldies but still super goodies.

Alina tanasa - diana enciu - pandora rings

pandora rings - diana enciu - alina tanasa

pandora rings - alina tanasa - diana enciu

rings pandora - diana enciu - alina tanasa

diana enciu alina tanasa pandora rings

pandora rings - alina tanasa - diana enciu

diana enciu - alina tanasa - pandora jewelry

pandora rings - vanity fair cover - fabulous muses

fabulous muses - coca cola bottle - pandora bracelet

pandora bracelet rings - diana enciu - alina tanasa

We won’t tell you now about the meaning of rings and why kings wear rings and what they mean beause you probably know it (or you can just google it). We are here today  to talk about being fabulous. Right?!

What we did today is a back and forward shooting using Pandora rings. We love to travel in time and reveal the power and beauty of jewels. Because jewels are more than beauty objects. Every ring is a memory, a part of ourselves and it has to mean something for us to wear it. The power of symbols is strong and protective.

So when you chose a Pandora ring don’t forget to take 5 minutes and think of that moment and what that ring will mean for you.. And every time you look at it you’ll feel happy. It’s better than therapy. An easy and good way to cherish life and to put a smile on your face.

So this Christmas we advice you to get a  Pandora ring or more as we did and think of 2014 and its happy moments, the ones you love and all the beautiful memories you have. Life it’s short! So let’s just keeponly the good memories with us!



Foto: Eduard Mariut
Location: Bonne Bouche
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Outfits: Ermanno Scervino & PANDORA Jelwelry


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