Timeless Lace

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Fashion has fallen in love with lace and so we did. The lace addiction has no cure and it has so many shapes  that you cannot say no its beauty. We know that sometimes it is hard to find the right dress for the right occasion, but for these kind of moments there are solutions. It is easy to built up the picture of modern romance, of a delicate and feminine silhouette when you have a series of everlasting lace dresses. Today we introduce you www.mirelashop.com, a new online shopping website where you can easily find the perfect lace dress in all the colors and shapes you dreamed of.

We’ve been faithful to classic red lace for more than 10 years, but after one evening with MiReLa‘s dresses we’ve changed our mind. Colors, patterns and fabrics are combined to create enchanting timeless dresses that are an update to basic dress shapes. Lace transcends the usual lightweight in a supremely feminine mood creating a statement look with high-shine and sheer for the ultimate party look

But who is MiReLa?! Starting with the three musical notes, Mi Re La, (from the designer’s name, Mirela Popa), this is the main idea that created the new MiReLa brand and its first collection, Lace by MiReLa, whose dominant feature is the elegant French lace Jean Bracq.

The collection respects the classic steps of composing a Sonata. The three parts of a musical masterpiece  are now translated in cheerful and colorful dresses, with surprising details and seductive overlaps, dresses that fit into the classical patterns of elegance.In other terms, it was created for all the fashion lovers for whom fashion is not just a whim.

This new brand really convinced us to become less conventional and to accept lace in all its shapes and colors and we hope that you will find www.mirelashop.com more than attractive.

If you wanna stay updated with their post, just check their Facebook & Instagram accounts.



Foto: Stefan Dani
Make-up: Andreea Vilau 
Hairstyle: Petronela Pruteanu
Location: Hotel Capitol
Outfits: MiReLa


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  • Desirèe D'Aloia

    these pics and dresses are amazing *-*
    love lace!!!


  • Danna

    Alina, that Farah Fawcett look is amazing on you

  • Camelia Andrasescu

    Superbe rochii!

  • Anonymous

    Fab, Fab FABOULOSES!

  • Lucy Van Dean

    I love lace! Those dresses are amazing and so are the 2 of you!

  • Anonymous

    Im your boy ;* post me your love dear Ladies –> nixton.nizo@yahoo.com

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