50 shades of red

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Even if we talk about love, passion or love affairs, red is the color that marks them all. While thinking about love and relationships between men and women we have decided to create a list to help us (and you of course) to figure out which are the advantages and disadvantages of relationships vs love affairs. You all have dreamed about at least once to consume a passionate affair or to meet the love of your life, but we bet you never made a pro and cons list just to help yourself to decided what fits you best.

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Now let’s get back to the list we’ve been thinking of after the so well known Valentine’s Day

Love as a Relationship
• you always have a partner for going out
• holidays are always better in two
• stability
• you can dream of a future family
• there’s always a shoulder to cry on when your life stops being fabulous
• you have a partner and only one
• sometimes you get bored
• you can’t invite your girlfriends over your place for the usual pijama party
• you don’t have time and space for yourself anymore
• you cannot be spontaneous and leave the city for an adventure with your girlfriends

Love as Love affair
• every time you feel the vibe
• if you love the adventures it’s gonna be fun
• a lot of adrenaline involved
• you never get bored and if you do, it’s easy to escape
• no explanations, no stress
• liberty, you are your own master
• you’ll sleep alone
• you cannot make plans
• if all your girlfriends are in relationships, you’ll be excluded from most of the holidays for sure
• forget about morning coffee in bed with the one you love
• you might fall in love and it will be hard to erase all the good memories (this is the worst that could happen to you)

So which fits you best? If  you ask us…We’d tell you that both situations have their specific charm and that it would be a pity to say no to adventures and new experiences. No matter which way is your way, we advise you to dress up and give your best!

 Foto: Iuliana Cristina Popescu
Dresses: www.stilago.ro
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