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Love month is here and we have a special surprise for you! The Miss & Mister Fabulous t-shirts for you and your half. But before clicking and buying them from www.divacharms.com you have to take a quick test. If you answer 90% of the question with YES (we didn’t say it’s a simple quiz) you can go and buy the tees for Valentine’s Day.

Happy V day!

1. You love each other
2. You eat pizza in bed
3. You eat pizza when you are on diet
4. You kiss each other after eating pizza…. Hmmm so yammy
5. You think he is the love of your life
6. You think more about him than you  think about yourself
7. You can’t wait for 14th February to give him the fab present
8. You hold hands when you watch romantic movies
9. You cry when you fight for all the stupid things in the world
10. You text him at least once a day
11. You send him selfies when you are not in town
12. You have your own hastag on instagram (If not, think about one right now)
13. You kiss him when he is sleeping and you hold him tight
14. You wear Miss&Mister T-shirts on V Day

So? 90% or not?

Foto: Eduard Mariut
Outfits: Miss&Mister Fabulous T-shirts & Skirts & Accesories from www.diva-charms.com


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