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Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?! These days we are totally into love and we say it out loud. And because love is not about us, but mostly about the ones we love we are already thinking about gifts for our men. And as we know, they love gadgets as much as we do. But sometimes we need a good adviser and a bunch of possibilities to find the right gift. Thank God we have QuickMobile which has the answers for all our questions.

Last night we have worked on a list of five possible super gifts for our men, but of course you can choose whatever you want for yours.

And if you want a present from your love it’s pretty easy.  Join the CONTEST!

Leave a comment and ask him nicely to make you a fabulous present from QuickMobile (leave the link in the comment) and the most lucky of you will WIN a 500 lei gift from QuickMobile. (Ex. Dear love, I think that I deserve a new phone for Valentine’s Day because I’ve been the most amazing girlfriend in the world + link + e-mail address) **Lasa-ne un comentariu in care ii spui iubitului tau ce cadou ti-ai dori de pe QuickMobile (lasa-ne link-ul in comentariu) si cea mai norocoasa va castiga un voucher de 500 lei de la QuickMobile. Don’t forget to share your message on Facebook so he can see it for sure.

You cand use the #quicklove 🙂Good luck & let love lead the way!


THE WINNER IS Ana-Maria Gurgu 



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