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milan fashion week streetstyle_fabulous muses_diana enciu_alina tanasa_maria lucia hohan_street style milan (3)Because we received many questions from you regarding Fashion Week and how exactly it works for us, we have decided today to write about real facts during the so popular Fashion Week. It doesn’t matter it is New York, London, Milan or Paris, the things in our schedule are not so different as you would believe. So here they are:milan fashion week streetstyle_fabulous muses_diana enciu_alina tanasa_maria lucia hohan_street style milan (6)milan fashion week streetstyle_fabulous muses_diana enciu_alina tanasa_maria lucia hohan_street style milan (2)milan fashion week streetstyle_fabulous muses_diana enciu_alina tanasa_maria lucia hohan_street style milan (4)Andreea Bogdan_Fabulous Muses_dress-4

10 things you should know about Fashion Week

1. It’s not really a week, it is a whole month. It’s starts with New York and than comes London, Milan and Paris. Paris is the longest and it takes 9 days. We attend Milan, New York and sometimes Paris in September and in february we attend Milan and sometimes Paris. NY is really cold and we prefer to skip it. This season we went only to Milan and we are gonna tell you more about Milan Fashion Week.

2. Fashion Week it’s not only fun and games. Not at all. We wake up early in the morning, have meetings, write for the blog, take Instagram photos, run from a show to another, don’t have time to eat, come back home to change and write about the shows, go for a social dinner or a small party and then prepare the outfits for the next day, prepare the blog post and sleep (not for more than 5-6 hours a night).

3. No, we don’t attend all the shows. First of all because it’s impossible to be everywhere (we don’t have super powers) and second of all because we don’t receive invitations to every show. There are not only the official shows. We receive also invitations to showrooms, designer’s showrooms and so on. Time it’s a big problem during fashion week.

4. How to move around town during Fashion Week?! You can’t take the metro or bus during fashion week. In Paris it’s easier if you need an adventura, but in Milan you have to use a taxi or Uber. We prefer Uber, but you can’t always find available cars. And for taxi we have two aplications. We spend at least 800 euros for this during MFW, so the conclusion is that a private driver would be a better option next time.

5. Even if everybody seems nice and friendly during fashion week everybody is on his own. Everybody wants to be photographed and everybody is playing a role. But it’s a nice crowd and we love to be part of it.

6. If you ask people “how are you” all will say ” very tired or super tired or just tired”. Doesn’t matter it’s about a model, a photographer a blogger or whatever!!! It’s a super tired crowd! And they all have reasons! It’s a marathon!

7. During Fashion Week social media is vital. We post more than usual and we share photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twiter. We use hastags (not so many as we should) and we always share location. Instagram is vital for us. We also take a lot of photos that we don’t post ( Do you wanna see them?!!?!)

8. Outfits. We set the outfits before we leave, but we always change our mind, because we receive outfit proposals from different designers in the moment we arrive in town. We like to dress as twins and we were the first to do this during fashion week. People know us two as a couple and like to photograph us together. It’s fun and perfect for us.

9. Smiling is very important! A nice smile makes the others smile too! Be happy, relax and stay possitive.

10. It’s a job, it’s not a holiday, take that out of your mind. We go to fashion week to see the trends first, to feel the vibe and to understand how fashion world works. It’s a job and every season we are and feel better and better.

Foto: Andreea BogdanOutfits: Maria Lucia Hohan Dresses, Maris Lucia Hohan Red Fur Scarf, Murmur Black&White Fur Scarf, Nike Sneakers, Moschino & Salar Milano Bag, Stella Mccartney & Ray Ban Sunglasses


Published by Diana Enciu
  • irene laura
  • Lucy Van Dean

    Really interesting insights. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bookish Style

    Puteti sa ne impartasiti si alte detalii de genul pe ce criterii se trimit invitatiile, costurile sunt suportate in totalitate de voi, cum aleg designerii bloggerii pe care doresc sa ii imbrace, etc?

    • Alina Tanasa

      Nu am avea cum sa stim exact in functie de ce se trimit invitatiile. Dar cred ca agentiile au criteriile lor. In plus daca sunt branduri cu care avem colaborari ei ne trimit automat “Save the date”. Nu designerii aleg ci echipa de PR sau agentia. E vorba de calitatea fotografiilor si de calitatea continutului pe care il are blogul/site-ul (vorbind aici de online). Da, costurile sunt suportate de noi dar avem colaborari pe perioada fashion week urilor (din care noi platim si sustinem ce si cum vrem). Te pup

  • irina

    Hainele te pot pune foarte bine in valoare .
    Eu ador stilul Clasic pentru ca este stilul care nu se demodeaza niciodata.

  • Anca

    Diana, te rog,spune-mi de unde ai luat acesti Nike rosii superbi? Merci mult!

    • Diana Enciu

      Draga mea, Nu mai tin minte daca ma crezi 😛 Sorry ca nu te pot ajuta, insa m-a lasat memoria:))

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