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fabulous_muses_stilago_shop_online_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fashion_blog (7)Every day starts with a new morning. And once in a while we try to make our mornings special. Like this one. The reason?! Of course there is one. (But once in a while you can do the same. With no reason. Just to celebrate the simple things like the fact that you are health, happy and loved. Smile every day, do someone wonderful and you’ll live 10 years more. FACT!) We celebrate something too, of course! So we have a nice view over the city, flowers, balloons and casual outfits to feel comfortable and enjoy a nice breakfast on the balcony. Why we made this morning fabulous?! What do we celebrate. Curious?

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We collaborate with Stilago for almost a year now and this weekend they celebrate four years of smart shopping. We wanted to celebrate with them the big event and to share  their birthday presents with you.

If you’ll buy three items from Stilago you’ll get the forth for free. (The offer is valid today and tomorrow so hurry up)

Spring is almost here and you need new clothes to shine and be fabulous.

Video: Iuliana Cristina Popescu
Outfits: Balloons: Flowers: Floraria Iris Location: Hotel Capitol

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