Diane von Furstenberg Exclusive Interview

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houseofdvf-dianevonfustenberg-fabulousmusesDiane von Furstenberg is an inspiration for every woman! Today we have an exclusive interview with the one that changed women’s sense of style. The one and only DVF for Fabulous Muses…
houseofdvf-dianevonfustenberg-fabulousmuses houseofdvf-dianevonfustenberg-fabulousmuses
1. You were born in Brussels, what did you bring with you, from the European culture to the US market?

When I was a child, traveling was a way of life for us…we were always on the go…it’s a very European way to be and I think I brought that with me to America and to the clothes that I design.

2. Which celebrity embodies the perfect DVF women at the beginning and now?

Really, every woman. It is not so much about a celebrity as the woman who is true to herself…the DVF woman knows who she is and the woman she wants to be.

3. Which qualities describe the best women that you have dressed in DVF?

Confident, sexy, effortless, intelligent…and always with a certain joie de vivre !

4. Have you ever considered a men’s line?

I never say never…but I am inspired by women and I design to inspire women.

5. Which pieces have you loved to design the most and why?

I really get excited about each new collection…seeing all of the prints, colors and silhouettes come together…right now it is all about Spring 16 which is called FORTUNA and it is inspired by a beautiful Pre-Raphaelite painting that was the first painting I bought for myself…so it is really a celebration of women, beauty and freedom !

6. In your TV show – House of DVF – you choose the global ambassador of your own brand. What factors do you take into consideration in order to make the best decision?

Oh, I consider many things and it comes down to who is the most qualified, the most confident, the most intelligent, the hardest working.

7. Do you think that in the past, it was easier to succeed in this business, or is it better now thanks to opportunities like you provide to future ambassadors on House of DVF?

I don’t think success is any easier or harder to come by…it is still about working hard and being true to yourself…but I do love being a part of that moment in a young woman’s life when the doors are just beginning to open for her. It is such an exciting time and it is when the magic happens !

8. If there was a show like House of DVF when you started your career, which designer would you have wanted to get as a mentor?

Does it have to be a designer? Diana Vreeland would be very good…

9. What do you think about blogging and where do you think is this phenomenon going?

I like it…I think it is making fashion more democratic, more accessible, and a lot of fun.

10. Can you tell us who is your favourite blogger and why?

I have so many favorites, but I think the most important thing is to have a point of view…

11. Your new biography was published last year. Why did you decide to write your memoirs again? How is this book different from the previous one?

My last book was really about separating the past from the future in business…and this one is far more personal. I have never been to therapy but writing this book was the biggest therapy…because really I put everything in there.

12. What word describes your fall/winter 2015 collection? What was your inspiration?

Seduction ! I wanted to create a collection that was all about a woman who commands her world by day and at night inspires fantasy !

13. When planning the wardrobe for fall this season, what colours, shapes and cuts should we look out for?

For colors, cobalt blue and poppy red are both very important and for silhouettes, it is all about the feminine Catherine dress with its pronounced waist and for power dressing, there are sleek suits and little gilet vest dresses that have that masculine feminine appeal…it is all about the yin and the yang.

14. What are the 5 key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A dress that makes her feel like the best version of herself, like the Seduction Wrap Dress, a very high heel, a sophisticated bag like The Secret Agent tote, a tuxedo pant and jacket, and a dress that doesn’t wrinkle.

15. Your world famous invention – the wrap dress, is more than 40 years old. How has it transformed over the years?

The wrap dress has evolved throughout the years and there have been different versions, like the new Seduction wrap with a sheer lace back, but the essence of that dress has stayed the same…it is a dress that is all about the woman…sexy and sophisticated…a dress that inspires her to be the woman she wants to be.

16. Where did the wrap dress idea come from?

It started with a wrap top and a matching skirt…and I thought, why not put the two together? I also really loved the silk jersey fabric I discovered in a factory in Italy and I wanted to create something that was perfect for that…that moved with a woman’s body and that she could wear anywhere. So that is what I did…

17. What is a continuous inspiration for you? The moment when you posed for Andy Warhol, the studio 54 nights, NY lifestyle…Which is the main life breath when you work on a new collection?

Women. Women are at the center of every collection I create…

18. Do you have any more surprises, like House of DVF, up on your sleeve? What will you do next?

If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise ! But, yes, there is always something around every turn, and I am very happy and lucky to do what I do.

19. You have been declared the most marketable woman since Coco Chanel. What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur who is looking for awareness?

Be yourself. You are the only one who can do that…and if you work hard and are true to yourself and you know what you want, if you can imagine the woman you want to be, success will come.

Season 2 of House of DVF airs every Friday on E!, at 21:00.


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