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Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview5Andreea Bogdan has travelled a lot over the last 3 years shooting inspiring stories for Fashion Magazines and she entailed various collaborations with different photographers and creatives on the way. She is one of those very lucky few with a subtle sense of elegance, able to mesmerize every single person she encounters. Read along her amazing story and let yourself be inspired by her talent. Many thanks dear Andreea for letting us learn more about you.
Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (3) Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview4

1. When you were growing up what would you say your dream job was as a child?

It’s funny how I didn’t necessary think that I had a dream job as a child, but as soon as you raised this question Archeologist immediately popped up in my mind. I have always, and still am, fascinated by old stuff and that slight nostalgia that engulfs the past. I love vintage clothes, antique books, art deco furniture and old cameras. And most of all I love finding them, so I guess in a way, this process applies to photography as well. So I might not be an Archeologist, but I definitely am a treasure seeker.

2. When did you moved to London and why?

I moved to London 6 years ago. I think growing up I always had this longing to travel, and the romantic idea of living in Paris or London. I don’t really speak French, so London it was. And it was also a romantic departure as I went to London to be with my boyfriend.

3. You have studied film and photography and mastered in Jewelry design. Would you please tell us about the transition from what you studied to becoming a street style photographer?

Yeah, it’s a funny transition indeed and a bit of tangled story. I completed my film and photography studies in Cluj but was more focused on film rather than photography. I though so anyway, but the truth is I was making stop motion animation, which was all photographs (tens of thousands of photographs!) and I even won the award for the Best Animated short film at Animest. I then moved to London and soon realized that working in the film industry was a bit tedious and involved hours and hours in front of a computer. I always loved making stuff, and somehow started making jewellery by putting together bits that I would find. I then applied to a Jewellery Design MA, sent a portfolio filled with sketches and jewellery that I made and I got in. Yay! Through the whole making process, I was also documenting it with my photographs. When I finished the MA I became the Creative Director of an online retail platform, where part of my job was to find designers by attending different fairs. And to wrap up the story, 3 years ago one of these fairs happened to be taking place during London Fashion Week, where I was asked to take some street style photos. And I didn’t stop since.

Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (4) Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (5) Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (7)

4. Where do your passions for photography and fashion come from?

My passion for fashion precedes the one for photography, and I got it from my mum. She had this fantastic collection of clothes that she kept from when she was younger and luckily enough they fitted me! And ever since I was very little she used to take me with her to second hand shops (back when they were a bit frowned upon) and we’re still going together now. I remember having a film camera when I was about 13-14 and still have some of the photos I took with it. And then I got my first digital Nikon camera at university, but back then I didn’t think photography would become a profession.

5. What is most important for you in order to make the perfect picture? Is there a specific process that you follow? What’s the best and worst part of doing what you do?

I am coming to realize that for me it’s important to have time. I don’t like to feel pressured or rushed. And this can be very tricky shooting street style during fashion weeks. I think the worst is when I get carried away, and go with the flow of the crowd. I end up running around and have the same photo as everyone else. I really try to avoid finding myself in that mindset and I prefer to find a nice place, where the light falls nicely and then wait for the right person to come to me. And the right person usually comes. I won’t have that many pictures, but at least I will like them.

6. You travel often to London, Paris and Milan for FW. What city do you consider to be the most stylish and why?

I love the way Parisian women dress. When I think about a Parisian woman, I think about someone who dresses for those eyes who can pick up subtle hints. When I say this, I am picturing the authentic French style, not necessary that seen during fashion week.

Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (1) Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview

7. Would you please tell us about some of your favorite projects/collaborations?

I loved working on some projects during Men’s Fashion Week when I collaborated with Bloomberg. They asked me to focus on style, but place it in a different context than the street. And I loved mixing the idea of personal style, while also giving a sense of the space where the photos were taken. (see the photos here: , , This is also one of the reasons why I loved the editorial I shot with Alina and Diana for Glamour Romania in Milan.

8. Your photography is refined and curated. It must be a real challenge to capture the perfect street style image considering the chaos outside the shows. Would you share with us a few tips for shooting street style at FW?

I think the best advice would be to get familiarized with your surroundings. See where people are entering and exiting, find a spot that you like and stick with it. Or if you prefer, you can run. But make sure you keep an eye on those cars as well!

9. Recently you have been shooting more on film. Is there something about analog photography that makes you love it more than the digital.

I think it makes me slow down and really think about what I want to shoot. I also get to appreciate and understand light better. Plus I found that I get really excited about my photos when I pick them up from the developer. There’s a sense of anticipation, which completely lacks in digital photography.

Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (13) Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (11) Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (12) Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 (14)

10. You are also known for your innately beautiful style. How would you describe ‘photographer style’?

When I first started going to fashion weeks I would get a bit ‘dressed up’, maybe even wear high heels, but I have come to realize that adequate shoes are a must. Your feet will ache anyway after hours of walking, but you should try to minimize that pain. I think feeling comfortable in the clothes is important, but I also like to dress according to my style as well. I mean I love finding vintage clothes, I might as well wear them, right?

11. What are three key pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe?

That pair of jeans that you love and feel great whenever you wear them, ballet pumps with a patent leather toe, and a trench coat. I don’t know if anyone should have them, but if I were to go for a uniform I would be happy to wear on a daily basis, it would be this.

Andreaa_BOGDAN_Best_ROMANIAN_DESIGNER_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview2by Dana Chels


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