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Marrisa_Cox_Best_Content_Creator_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview4Rue Rodier is the name of the first street Marissa Cox lived on in Paris when she moved there from London at the beginning of 2013. It is also the name of her lifestyle blog which documents her daily life in Paris, journeys around the world and “quest for better living” through endlessly inspiring photography. Her unique, minimal sense of style is also reflected in her home: charming, sensitive and feminine.Marrisa_Cox_Best_Content_Creator_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview71.All of your past projects are in one way or another related: traveling & interiors & fashion. How did it all start?

I used to edit an arts & fashion site in London and freelanced for District MTV. When I moved to Paris I was still covering London Fashion Week and I covered the Mens Fashion week in Paris for MTV. But when I moved to Paris I wanted my own personal space so started my blog Rue Rodier, which is named after the first street I lived on. I’ve always been passionate about travel and I’ve always loved nosing around people’s homes, so I started combining all three interests.

2.What do you consider as a ‘successful’ project?

One where the brief is creative, I have fun producing the content and the client is happy with the results!

3.You are often between planes and long hours of flight how do you manage to have everything organized?

I have a little pouch from Muji where I keep things like my passport, lipbalm/handcream and iphone & kindle chargers. I make a to-do list every morning in my notebook, so I know what I need to get done that day. I also have a weekly to-do list, which I make in my moleskin diary, and I often make notes on my iphone. Google Keep and Evernote are also great apps to help keep organised.

Marrisa_Cox_Best_Content_Creator_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6 Marrisa_Cox_Best_Content_Creator_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview54.What is a perfect day for you in Paris?

I’ll go for a weekend day here – so a perfect Saturday is starting with some exercise (I just joined the gym), then meeting a friend for breakfast – either at the Rose Bakery in le Marais, as I love their American style pancakes and they’re probably the best in Paris or Claus in the 1st, who do great soft-boiled eggs, or just coffee at Fondation.

Then strolling around le Marais to visit some of my favourite shops like French Trotters, APC or Merci, picking up some flowers from le Marche des Enfants Rouge, followed by an exhibition at Yvonne Lambert Gallery, Maison Europeanne de la Photographie or the Pompidou. Maybe afternoon coffee at Fragments or Broken Arm and in the evening dinner at Au Passage, Candelaria or Le Mary Celeste. But the perfect day will involve a lot of wandering, drinking coffee, great company and food.

5.What is the best souvenir someone could bring back from Paris?

Photos! It’s a beautiful city and there are so many photo opportunities – just spend a day wandering around and don’t forget to look up.

Marrisa_Cox_Best_Content_Creator_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview3 Marrisa_Cox_Best_Content_Creator_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview26. There are many sources of inspiration in terms of decoration out there, where do you look for interior inspiration?

Instagram, other blogs, Elle Decoration, Milk Decoration, Domino magazine.

7. How would you describe your interior style?

Quite minimal, cosy and scandi-inspired.

Marrisa_Cox_Best_Content_Creator_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview1 Marrisa_Cox_Best_Content_Creator_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview8.What everyday items could you not live without?

My iphone, Mac laptop, Kindle, carmex lipbalm, mascara, ray ban sunglasses, new Stan Smiths, which I’ve been wearing every day since I bought them as they’re so comfortable.

9.Would you share with us your best beauty tips?

Moisterize! I’ve been using SPF moisteriser since I was 15 thanks to my mum, who has always looked after her skin and looks amazing for 62. I wear tinted moisteriser by Nars, which has SPF 30. Before bed I lather my face in anti-wrinkle night cream by Nivea and eye cream by Origins. I also love Clinique’s airbrush concealer for under my eyes during the day and Laura Mercier’s camouflage concealer for any blemishes.

download download (1)10.What are your top 3 essentials that make your living better?

Music – I’m currently listening to Abra, Christine and The Queens, and Mabel. /

Podcasts – I love magic lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert and the Charged life by Brendon Burchard

Exercise & meditation

Wardrobe essentials – I have my go to items of clothing, a bit like a uniform, which I update every season.

You can see more of her beautiful images on the Rue Rodier blog.

Thank you Marissa for taking time out of your busy schedule to share some thoughts with us.

All photos belong to: Marissa Cox
BY Dana Chels


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