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Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview6This is Glamorous is one of the most Glamorous website on Earth, who offers endless and exquisite visual delights of the worlds of arts&culture, fashion, architecture, travel and design &decor. We are honored to share with you a few glimpses into the life of its utterly beautiful Creator: Roséline Lohr. Her perfectly elegant style includes often, lace dresses, cashmere sweaters and pearls. She is a constant inspiration of love and beauty.
Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview5

  1. We are constantly astonished by your exquisite eye for beauty. Is there a certain way to cultivate it?

How lovely — thank you. Perhaps this question is best answered with the quote: “In order to live a fascinating life — one brimming with art, music, intrigue, and romance — you must surround yourself with precisely those things.” (author unknown)

2. What is elegance for you?

To me, elegance is anything that is tasteful, graceful and refined, whether manners, dress or décor. It is also an attitude, and a way of looking at the world . . .
3. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said ‘we are shaped and fashioned by what we love’…Would you describe a few things you love?

There are so many things that I love, but here are just a few: pale pink roses and the ballet, the first cup of coffee on a Monday morning, going to bed every night excited for what the next day will bring, working, weekends, leisurely Sundays, stumbling upon something so beautiful it causes your breath to catch, being in love, and most of all, P.

Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview9 Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview7 Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview3

4. Which are some essential details that our readers could invest in for a more glamourous home?

Always fill your home with only the things that you absolutely love. That being said, fresh flowers & scented candles can make a home more beautiful, and personally, am drawn to blue & white ginger jars and vases, gilded wall sconces and chinoiserie, mirrors and beautiful coffee table books, and leopard print anything . . .

5. Your home has an ethereal beauty…would you describe your favorite part of it?

Thank you! My very favorite part is the Carrara marble fireplace in living room, and curling up on the sofa in front of the fire after a busy day.

6. How does your morning look like before a ‘crazy busy day’?

Every morning, we always stop by our favorite place for coffee before a busy day.

7. And a beautiful weekend?

Weekends, especially the mornings — always take on a deliciously slower pace than weekdays. There is brunch and coffee, messy hair and lounging about, discussing plans and dreams . . .

Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview8 Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview4 Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview10 Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview11

8.Would you please share with us your best beauty tips?

I always swear by my favorite cleanser, this amazing illuminating foundation, highlighter on cheekbones, a good lip balm under a favorite lipstick, and lots of mascara.

9. Do you have any advice you received and you always carry with you?
Yes, my mother once told that me it was always better to be overdressed than underdressed, and it has never steered me wrong. I also love this quotation by Roman Payne: “You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”

Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview12 Roseline_Lohr_best_Glamorous_blog_Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview2by Dana Chels


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