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Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview8Romania-based, photographer Chris Devour, is bringing amazing visual gems to our Social world. His unique images play with textures, geometric patterns, and monochromatic colors. The mixture of graphics and drawing to photography it became his successful visual signature. Thank you Chris for your beautiful work and for sharing it with us. Instagram: @chrisdevour.
Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview14 Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview12Please tell us a few words about yourself/ your upbringing.

I am 25 years old, currently based in Oradea, but travelling a lot to Bucharest. I was born in Oradea, and lived there for about 13 years, then moved to Budapest for 4 years, and afterwards to Bucharest for 2 years for my MA studies. I have always been fascinated with art related stuff, collecting things I found interesting, drawing, photography, history and cultural studies.  I played drums for 3 years in a punk-rock band when I was younger and living in Budapest, so music is really important to me.
Your studies are entirely different than the artistic world. Where do your passions for photography and art come from?

While my studies focus mainly on political science diplomacy and security, my passion for photography comes from my childhood. As I mentioned before, I was always fascinated with collecting photos or illustrations of the things I liked from cartoons, books, magazines. Making collages was part of this process. Growing up I loved to draw, so combining photography with drawing and collages somehow ended up into what I love doing today.

Are there any specific moments that made you more confident about the work you’ve done?

Every project makes me confident, because it pushes me to try something new. However, getting the chance to be published in different online magazines, and getting to meet new interesting people who appreciate my style and what I do, enforces my confidence.
How would you describe your photography work?

I would probably say simple, minimal and monochrome with a drop of mystery.☺
Your photos have a very clear aesthetic, did it come naturally or were you looking for something specific?

I like ordered chaos, so I usually take something and try to make it simple, I believe it comes naturally, but inspiration is always present so I admit that I was influenced by many foreign artists. However, I’m constantly trying to apply my own style to the photo.

Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview7 Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview6 Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview5

The styling in your photography is quite unique. Could you share with us a few insights about it?

The funny thing about this, is that most of the time it comes on the spot, I do not plan in detail everything about my projects, the only thing I usually think about is the location, and I prefer simple indoor locations, well lit rooms, because I only use natural light. The styling and concept are made as we go, together with the model, to make sure it is comfortable for both of us.

Are there any criteria you follow when choosing your models?

The specific person has to inspire me, of course this is different for all artists, beauty is relative.

How do you keep yourself inspired?

By scrolling endlessly on various blogs and websites, and by walking around the city, random people inspire me.Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview16 Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview Chris_Devour_best_Romanian_photographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_icon_interview4

What’s a recent project you worked on?

My latest works feature different models and people from Oradea and Bucharest, however I will be planning a new interesting project in September.
Can you please share a few of your favorites from photography’s world?
Stef Mitchell, Tamara Lichtenstein, Damien Vignaux, Frankie Marin, Romain Le Cam, Cecy Young and many more.



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