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MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon(6)Roza is doing it all. She has an ongoing activity as an International Fashion Journalist:she writes about her discoveries, guides to shopping or eating in different cities around the world. She interviews thoroughly amazing talented people and enjoys her professional international travels for various projects and clients. Her style is admirable elegant, highlighting femininity and sophisticated but in the same time colorful and super fun. She is surrounded by a constant flow of creative ideas Dear Roza thank you so much for taking the time to tell us a little about your fashionable adventures. You can find more about her work on her blog or instagram.MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon(8)1. Could you tell us a few words about yourself?

I’m Roza Sinaysky AKA Moody Roza, I am a fashion journalist turned blogger, I write for major publications such as ELLE, Buro 24/7 and others, I also have a blog where I document all my fashionable adventures around the globe and interview fabulous people I find interesting. I was born in Kiev and moved to Israel in 1991, I studied in London and ended up staying there for 9 years, working for magazines like Vogue, ELLE, POP, Dazed & Confused and others. I came back to Tel aviv 4 years ago and since then been traveling. Here in Israel I also work as the digital director of Helga Design, one of the best and biggest multi brand boutiques in Israel. I also collaborate with international brands like, W Hotel, Mini and many others. Your work varies from digital marketing, journalism and styling.

2. Which branch do you enjoy most and why?

What I enjoy most is coming up with new ideas, meet exciting and inspiring people. I love arranging concepts for shoots and being a one woman’s show is something I am proud of in my work. I produce, style, art direct and model and write in all my shoots which is a lot of fun. You are writing for famous fashion magazines and websites.

3. How did you get started in journalism?

I was writing ever since I was little and then stopped, I knew I had a hidden talent somewhere. It came out again around 2005 when I was asked to cover London Fashion Week for a local Israeli fashion magazine, they loved it and I became a regular columnist. After that I offered my services to ELLE Russia and became a features contributor. The blog came much later after I already had all the great content sitting on my desk top, I thought why not put it all under one publication, that’s how Moody Roza started.

MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon(9) MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon(10) MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon (2)4. What do you think are the key elements that a writer should have in becoming a valuable one?

Always be curious, if you really love your job and your industry it will always fascinate you, ask questions, research, have a strong opinion. All of your work is in a way or another related to Fashion.

5. Is there something on your upbringing that stirred your passion for it?
My parents were fashion addicts in the 70’s and 80’s in USSR, unfortunately for them all the branded clothes were banned but my dad still managed to get us Levis and Polo shirts, I think the obsession with fashion and looking presentable started then.

6. Do you have a certain philosophy or rules you apply on your work?
Be professional but friendly, be memorable and well mannered.

7. Could you please share with us something you learned from the Fashion world?

Don’t talk negative about anyone, it’s a small industry after all and it might bite you back.

MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon(7) MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon(4) MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon(5)8. How would you describe your personal style?

I liked tailored pieces but with a twist of sense of humor.

9. What are your top 3 beauty/style essentials?

Night recovery cream or oil, sun protection/ bb cream, and have the right brushes for every part of your face when applying make-up! You have travelled all around the world.

10. What are your favorite cities and locations?

I loved Sydney, so much, I was so impressed with their style there, I loved Tbilisi the locals are warmest coolest people and the fashion is so unexpected and cool. But for me there’s no place like home : ) Tel Aviv that is.MoodyRooza_best_Journalist_for_FabulousMuses_best_FashionIcon (1)BY Dana Chels


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