The Chanel Spa at the Ritz

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She lived, loved and designed here. This legendary palace was the exemplary setting for her free, bold spirit and high standards. It nurtured her femininity and fostered her idea of luxury: one forged of refinement, understatement, perfection and customization. In 2016, the spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel is back in its entire splendor. For the first time ever, CHANEL invites women on a timeless journey: an eternal moment of exclusive facial and body treatments featuring unprecedented rituals.

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 Coco Chanel’s room at Hotel Ritz Paris 

Here is beauty. Here is fulfillment. Here is the Art of Skincare according to CHANEL. Here is…


 The first CHANEL Spa at  Hotel Ritz Paris 


From its beginnings, in 1924, just three years after the birth of N°5 and the creation of the CHANEL Perfume Society, the brand became a name in beauty as much as in fashion. Mademoiselle Chanel began developing her global vision of femininity, where fragrances, skincare products and makeup come together to create a style unique to each woman. It was the beginning of an avant-garde skincare philosophy. Beyond superficial appearances, Mademoiselle understood that beautiful skin is, above all, healthy skin; the most precious fabric of all which reveals the innermost emotions; the mirror of the soul. She often said that no woman could truly glow without inner fulfillment and well-being. Far ahead of her time, she evoked healthy living, personal balance and self-confidence as the key to true radiance. I love myself, therefore I am beautiful. A very modern declaration of bodily egology that is certainly not superficial.



Mademoiselle Chanel always detested orders, dictates and ready-made formulas; she continually reinvented herself.
Through the years, CHANEL skincare products have always strived to offer women the keys to their own fulfillment. The keys to free, total beauty. Today, this holistic approach finds its most accomplished expression at the Ritz. Each CHANEL beauty treatment is a customized creation combining the exceptional formulas of skincare products with expert rituals; combining visible results with an original relational approach and careful attention to the soul and body. An assurance of immediate radiance and an enduring improvement of well-being. A unique multi-sensory adventure of proven effectiveness but with no compulsory figures.


Flawless and timeless
At CHANEL, the Art of Skincare is, above all, the art of the touch. At the expert hands of the beautician, the skin communicates, expresses itself, confides its secrets. The massaging fingers perceive: they enter into a conversation with the cells, sense the tissues at their deepest levels, understand, console, repair, stimulate.

Massage is the backbone of the CHANEL beauty ritual, playing a fundamental role in the treatment through a reinterpretation of the best of Western and Eastern techniques. To each her own personalized cocktail of expert proce- dures. But for even more individualized care, CHANEL has gone beyond to create a signature massage inspired by several care methods, and in particular fasciatherapy.


5 was Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky number and it is the well-being equation of CHANEL Art of Skincare as it is administered at the CHANEL Spa of the Ritz Paris.

5 alcoves of private, refined care: five cocoons of serenity in the CHANEL signature style. Beige, black, a décor reinterpreting the Coromandel screens that Coco so adored… In this warm, understated world, where every detail is as studied as the design of a high fashion dress, every element pampers you with comfort, relaxation and release.

5 beauty experts – experienced beauticians, specialized technicians with exceptional “people skills” – accompany guests through this exceptional sensory journey.

5 steps to awaken and fulfill the five senses. A beverage with beneficial virtues; exquisite, reassuring fragrances; the perfectly adapted pressure of an intuitive hand; a musical design and carefully adjusted lighting… No attention is spared to regenerate the body and soul.

5 massageoils. Jasmine, Rose de mai, vanilla, summer citrus, Oriental fragrances… Specially developed by CHANEL cosmetologists and perfumers for our body treatments, these essences bring out the beauty of the skin and open the horizons.


Hotel Ritz Paris, 15 place Vendôme 75001 Paris


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