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mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-4Here it is. Our interview for Grazia Italy. Enjoy it!

– Tell us about your “fashion story” – When did you decide that you wanted to be in the fashion world?

ALINA: I’ve always wanted and dreamed about it but somehow things came with small steps. During University I started working in PR for two famous fashion magazine and after this I met Diana and started a fashion PR agency.. And from here things came naturally. Fashion fairs, first online magazine in Romania, the blog.. the succes :))

DIANA: Almost 10 years ago I started to work for glossy magazines and suddenly I met Alina and we started our own fashion business – A fashion PR agency, an online magazine, a fashion fair and then we started to do Fashion Weeks. During Paris Fashion Week we decided to start our main project & business.mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-5 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-8 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-19– How would you define your style?

A: Twisted.. I like to add sparkle to my outfits.. To be simple but also have somthing different. something that is mine. I don’t like to be like the others.

D: Simple and comfy with a twist. I always say I ‘ll keep it simple ( and I do actually), but I leave the house wearing some extra accessories. I think my passion for 80s is too strong:))

– Which are your fav brands to wear?

A: I like Romanian designers (like Andreea Badada- Murmur , Maria Lucia Hohan-  MLH, Veronica Zaharia- Parlor )  but i like Zara & HM (  easy, cheap and fashionable), The other stories, CK, Concepto – for their leather jackets and for shoes I like Miu Miu, Nike, Gordana Dimitriejevic … But I buy what I like and what looks good on me.

D: So many to choose from. I really like to mix brands so I’d say: Saint Laurent, Cos, Liquor&Poker, PLNYLALA, Chloe, Gucci, Manohki, MLH, Murmur, Concepto,Moschino,. Obviously I have many more, but I’ll stick to these for the moment.

– Where do you usually shop?

A: Everywhere! But mostly online!

D: I’m a big fan of online shopping, so almost every piece I have in my wardrobe, is from: nastygal, netaporter, luisaviaroma, asos, mytheresa or h&m and zara.

– Do you have a style icon you look up to?

A:I apreciete people with style like Giovanna Battaglia, Elisa Nalin

D: I feel inspired by Jane Birkin, Olsen Sisters, Jenna Lyons

– Do you have a beauty routine?

A: I do… Cause latelly I have to take more care of my skin. I use a lot of masks, lips cremes, eye cremes.. I use scrub every day. I go to a clinic to do laser sesions. I had some problems with acnee couple of month ago and I got super scared.

I never go to sleep without cleaning my face and one a week I use a night mask. My boyfriend love it (NOT!)

D: Always. I keep my skin as clean and hydrated as possible. Lately I prefer to use only thermal water and a bio cream for my face and keep the make-up products as far as I can from my skin. I put make-up only when needed and especially for our shootings for
mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-36 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-31 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-29 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-32 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-34 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia-33

– Do you usually read or consult other websites or fashion blogs? if yes which are your favorites?

A: I read Garance from time to time and Harper’s Bazaar USA.. But time it’s so short cause I don’t really have time to visit so many blogs. But I am on instagram a lot ans latelly on SNAPCHAT that i love.

D: When I have time I really like to read Park & Cube, Garance Dore, &

– Which is your fav Social Network and why?

A: It used to be Instagram but now I really like Snapchat. Cause people can see exactly who I am and how my life is… without photoshop or other filters.

D:  From time to time I love Snapchat, depending on my mood. No edit, no fancy subjects, no fancy frames, just my real life, as it comes. Fans say I’m funny there, so you should check my snap too: FABMUSE :))

– Which are the pieces you’ll suggest our reader to buy or wear for next Summer?

A: Gucci Shoes (I totally love them .. especially the pearl ones OMG), an off to shoulder blouse- they are so cool and sexy, some wide leg pants, a big hat and all the pieces from our collaboration with NISSA ( we are about to launch the collection and it’s gonna be fabulous. We assure you)

D: Ronald Van der kemp wide jeans, Patch denim jackets and dresses, ruffed cotton tops, straw Panama hat or a fancy hat from one of my fav designers and some canvas espadrilles from Saint Laurent.

– What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Spare time? I wish … :))Jokeing.  I like to read, see movies, scroll on pinterest…

D: To travel with my husband, to discover new locations, to watch european movies, to go to music festivals and usually to celebrate our very few moments we have together.

– Do you have any big project or dream for the future you’d like to share with us?

A: I have my fabulous wedding in May ( hope everything will be as fab as I’m dreaming), a project in Istanbul wirh a new cosmetic brand, many fabulous projects for the (but you have to follow us to see )

D: Besides Alina’s wedding, we have a big collection to launch soon with a big chain of shops and then lots of projects in different countries – just the usual:)

mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia_1-11 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia_1-5 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia_1-2 mfw_aw16_fab-muses_grazia_1-8

FOTO: Andreea Bogdan
Foto edit: Tibi Vintur

First outfit: Bimba y Lola sweater, Izabela Mandoiu Pants, Mango shoes, Ainea vest, Chanel bag, Xte rings
Second outfit: Loeffler Randall sandals, Other Stories shirt, Dress: Anhha
3 rd outfit: CK  tshirt, The other stories coat, Stradivarius Jeans, J.Maurice shoes, Specs Sunglasses, Les petits joueurs bag 

Moschino Chain Jacket, Saint Laurent Bag, Spektre Sunglasses, Asos Jeans, X Te Earrings, CK Tshirt
Anhha Lace Dress, Gucci Shoes, X Te Rings
COS Grey Coat, Le Capresi Loafers, Fendi Sunglasses, McQueen Bag, Givenchy Bag Charm, Asos Blue Top


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