Visual spells by Michelle de Rose

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Her thoughts and words are poetry. Her work is visual poetry.  Michelle de Rose  captures beautiful imagery of dreams and feelings: pain, fear, tenderness, calmness, silence. She has found the power to reveal the interior beauty and she’s giving voice to emotions through her photography.
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What were you passionate about when you were little?

When I began to express my feelings in different ways, my family and classmates thought it was a wrong thing, so in their eyes, I was a ‘freak’, a child who needed to be fixed, but probably couldn’t.
I loved touching the petals of flowers, watching the particles of dust lifting in the air, smelling old pages of a book, lying down in the woods and watching the sky, staring at the sun (even if afterwards, I couldn’t see for a few minutes), walking in a November rain, admiring the stains the ground made on my skin, dancing alone among the mountains, so I began to draw in black and white to express this connection between nature and me. I stopped drawing at 18, because of an ugly stage in my life, at 15-16 I started writing poems and short stories. I almost stopped this too, because sometimes I have no words to express myself, so I focus on photographs.

Does living close to the sea influence your approach to photography?

Not entirely. I’m originally from Brasov, so I find more inspiration among the trees, mountains, cold rivers. I find the sea interesting when there are clouds on the sky or an upcoming storm, when everything seems more uncertain. When I used to live in Brasov I had this idea to shoot girls with water surrounding them everywhere and moving to Constanta gave me the chance to do that, but I still crave for mountains sometimes. As John Muir quoted ‘The mountains are calling and I must go’. I have a dream: sea and mountains in the same place. Not asking too much, huh?

How do you see your style evolving over the years?

Well, when I started photography I didn’t have a certain style, I was unsure of myself and I tried many different styles, to me it seems that it was a bit monotonous and undefined. As I learned to use Photoshop better and I began to feel confident with my approach in taking photographs, my own style evolved into one that I would describe as delicate, strange sometimes, monotonous but interesting at the same time. I know I still have a lot to learn and to try out and I hope I will get to the point when someone will look at a photo and know it is mine, even if my name isn’t anywhere on it.

How do you want the women you photograph to be perceived?

Haha, do I have to be honest? Kidding. 😀  When I have a model coming for a shooting I say to her that I would like her to be natural and at the same time to express states like sadness, numbness, melancholia, dreaminess. Sometimes I tell them silly stories, but we end up laughing so it’s harder for them to be serious. The women I photograph should be perceived as souls that are searching for rest, that are planning their escape in a chosen scenery, that are feeling every part of nature – the wind, the cold grass, the rain, the smell of a storm, the fatiguing heat… women that are feeling the delicate touch of soft fabrics, veils; that are floating in the water, never wondering where the water may take them- souls that don’t have to pretend to be someone else because they aren’t afraid to show their true self, trough photography.

Where do you find inspiration?

I can’t find it anywhere most of the time…there are just ideas that come into my mind or certain objects I see and then I imagine a whole new story based on that object. Anyway, I could say that my feelings are my inspiration, everything I’ve been through in life influenced my photography and I embrace bits of sadness in my soul because for me it’s a source of inspiration and a blessing.

Can you talk a little about beauty? How do you envisage beauty?

We all like something beautiful, that makes our hearts tremble. I dedicate a lot of time to find the *perfect* girls that I want to photograph…many friend’s lists, thousands of people and although it’s very exhausting, it’s totally worth it when I find the right person. I am fascinated by the personalities a face can show and how these personalities influenced some microexpressions. I love a strange beauty (that maybe others won’t find beautiful), big blue eyes; albinos; girls that are considered ugly by the society just because they are a little different; the sun bathed blonde, long hair; eyelashes that move gently when they close their eyes; fragile,pale hands, which betray their hidden wishes; the sadness of a face that I can never forget; that impatient, wild soul; conflicting personalities in general. For me, this is the definition of beauty: both physical and phycological qualities and flaws of a person, mixed with some attractive weirdness.

What’s your dream for the future?

I would love to share my vision with as many people as I can, to develop my talent more and more so I can do shootings for important magazines, to stop being a ‘starving’ artist.



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  • Felicia Simion

    Michelle is such an inspiration, happy to read her interview <3

    • Michelle de Rose

      Hey, acum am vazut. Multumesc mult <3

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