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Evane Haziza-Bonnamour, the interior architect behind the ECCE Studio, is known for effortlessly combining clean architecture with custom upholstery, antique and modern furniture. She and her two associates have the ability to create dreamy, sensous spaces, yet sophisticated and authentic, keeping along the way the clients’s personal style and identity. Evane’s approach to design is inspired  by her endless travels and discoveries. She finds inspiration in a wide array of venues and she shares some of them with us. 

Could you tell us a few words about your upbringing?

I was born in Paris, yes, I know this is rare! Raised in the 9th arrondissement and having as a playground the Jardin des Tuileries, which was really cool!  My parents have travel agencies, so I traveled a lot when I was a child: Egypt, Jamaica, NYC, Morocco a lot (my dad was born there so we often went back) and many others countries…    When did you first know you had an interest in interior design? 

I dreamed of being an architect when I was in college but was very bad in physics and chemistry, so I simply gave up. I studied economics and worked eight years in the press before realizing that I really wanted to do architecture and interior design.  My father is an art collector, I was raised by my parents with the taste of beautiful things and I bathed in since I was a child. Out of fear I had not ventured there before.

What was the most challenging part during the transition from travel journalist to interior designer?

Changing job is very hard, at any work I think. I loved and I continue to be travel and lifestyle journalist but I was missing something. Taking four years of study is very challenging when you already have a lifestyle and habits. The first two years were discovery, envy and adrenaline. The result was more complicated; working and providing big school projects were tiring. The hardest course was the end. Finally, it was when I graduated, the end of a cycle and dreams that it was the hardest, a very nice satisfaction but a chapter that closes. New challenges behind but getting an adult education requires much more demand (at least for me) …

You are also behind Merci pour l’adresse. Could you tell us a few words about it?

I am editor in chief for the mag, Pierre Monoury is the guy with this good idea!  The idea of ​​the magazine is born with instagram. The print version proposes every two months, a series of trips and a book of Paris with the new addresses of each of the destinations. Addresses we seek but also the instagrammers addresses that we take with us. All the photographs of the reports and in the magazine, are taken by instagrammers. Instagram being free, the mag is also! There’s a web version also available to have even more addresses.

Is there a certain process you follow when decorating a space? 

Our work is above all a management of volumes, circulations and management of the light, whether it’s in an apartment, an office or a restaurant. The decoration can only be revealed if the space is well thought out in terms of use. For the design of furniture, we propose, we are inclined to work minimal lines so that the decoration is highlighted. Whatever the budget of the client, I prefer the work of finishing and the chosen material to reveal the lines that we draw (ECCE studio). That’s why the collaboration with our craftsmen team is for us essential.The decor must reflect the personality of the client or the concept. We think that it’s better to have fewer elements but beautiful vintage pieces of designer or craftsman pieces. We also try to integrate greenery into projects. First, for aesthetic reason but also because we like the fact that it’s an evolutive relationship with the decor. Has there been one project which you are particularly proud of?

Every project is really different. I have loved drawing a children bedroom where he can play, I love making concept for restaurants, drawing some office space is fun when you have to deal with our digital communication agency clients! and Yes perhaps I am proud of our last project, which is under construction for the moment, but it’s the first project that we realize together with my 2 associates. It’s for Sonos (the brand) and we are re-decorating their Sonos House. We always work 2 by 2 but this time we create a space which mix our 3 personalities, so yes I am proud of this !

“Projet Paradis” is your home&studio. How was the process to create this beautiful space and what you wanted to achieve?

Yes Projet Paradis is my home and also the studio.  The process was really simple: the space was big and full of light, so the beginning was all about the space. As I said before, I always tend to add some greenery, I was born in Paris and I miss a lot nature, so this is my little garden! Shelves and bench are handmade by my boyfriend, in the South of France, I prefer work with raw materials and simple shapes. It’s a haussmanian apartment so I wanted to keep the same classical heritage. The marble table and the designed chairs are my own collection. I love to change furniture, so perhaps it will change soon! We don’t have any sofa I prefer to use the space differently; different armchairs allow us to change the space depending of our needs. The bedroom is really neutral and minimalist. As the rest of the apartment, we created it simple: white walls and some designer furniture that I collected along the years. It helps to keep our mind clear, without influences. I wanted to achieve a comfort house but also a working place and a dinner place where I love to invite my friends over for dinner. I hope it’s what I done!!

What words of advice do you have for someone wanting to forge their own career as interior designer?

It’s a really hard job! You need to create, the best part, but also the shortest part, you need to explain your ideas to a client and understand what they really wanted. You need to be patient, check proportion before the construction. Follow every detail in the renovation process and be attentive to every detail. But at the end when you see your drawing you realize it’s really cool and feel special !

Your Favorites in Paris?

So many! Dersou: for the food, the decor and everything even the cocktails !

Septime: love the feeling, the food and the simple decor

Serres d’Auteuil: The perfect breakaway in Paris (otherwise it’s La Vallée de Chevreuse)

K-mart: my favorite japanese supermarket where I try everything in it ! I love to cook and try new stuff

Muse: Absolutly favorite florist shop in the city, I try all of them in the city , this is my n°1 !!

Palais Royal: remind me when I was a child and playing there with my grand-ma

Journal standard: perfect fashion store in the city with a great selection, eve if I don’t shop a lot in Paris

HOD: beautiful jewelry in le Marais

Le Petit Amour: love this combinaison of cool bar, a bit hypster but late at night looks more like a space for young students !

DADA: my supermarket, looking more like la Grande Epicerie than a supermarket

L’entrée des artistes Pigalle: perfect spot for a drink and eat really well ! The sound is also really great.

It’s all about food and greenary for me 😉

Thank you Evane for the inspiration, Photo credit: @hebdomaniaWww.eccestudio.com

By Dana Chels 


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