30 essential things in life 

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The title puts a lot of pressure on this blog post. We know. But have you ever asked yourself which are the essentials for your happiness?! What do you really need in order to feel accomplished?! And why are you happy when you don’t have all the things on your list checked? Now try to answear. We did and all we have to say is that life gives us lessons everyday and is our duty to learn them and our fault if we don’t. Making the same mistakes all over again is in our nature and that`s so fine because that`s the way to a successful life. Trying all over again and finding the right way.So because we want to structure the article in the most easy way for us and also for you to read, we will split the 30 essential things in 3 parts:


1. Family. A strong, united family gives us power, confidence and support all the time in everything we do.

2. Health. A good health gives you power to succed in everything that you want and it makes you feel that everything is possible. Protect your health and make everything you can to stay healthy. Be aware of how important that is.

3. Friends. You need distractions, you need to change opinions and you need to go out. You need real friends. You need a shoulder to cry on and another to laugh and have fun. And they are just the best!

4. Books and movies. Creativity can make your life better, can make you better. Read as much as you can, watch movies and get creative!

5. Helping others gives us a lot of satisfaction. And we all can help. You don’t have to do big things. Even the small ones count.

6. Travel. It’s important to find new places, meet new people, make new friends. Travel as much as you can and we assure you that your life is going to get better. And you can travel low cost. Buy tickets in advance, stay with airbnb. The important thing is to do it and to make the best of it. You don’t have to stay 5 stars to enjoy a trip, trust us.

7. Learn. Everyday learn something. Watch documentaries, read science books, read history. Learning gives us power, makes us better and makes you understand that there is always something to improve.

8. Share. Sharing is caring but more than this, sharing makes you less selfish. We tend to be selfish. It’s in human`s nature but you can change this. And it will make you feel better at the end of the day and people will care for you more. Good energies are always important. Bring them to you.

9. Protect. Protect the nature as much as you can. Join “let’s do it” projects, get involved in non profit organisations, try to leave something after you that will make your children proud. Every little thing is appreciated and better than nothing.

10. LOVE. Love gives us power and make us strong. To suffer it’s also good and also part of our life. Don’t be afraid to love and be loved. Let it come to you, make the best of your feelings. 10 THINGS WE LEARNED IN 2017:

1. To say NO.

2. To speak our minds.

3  To admit that sometimes we`re wrong.

4. To say I`m sorry (more often).

5. To say I love you (more often).

6. To follow our dreams even if they are higher than the mountains.

7. To have a voice and to use it.

8. To make the best of what we have.

9. To relax more.

10. To think more than we speak. 10 THINGS WE WANNA DO IN 2018:

We won’t repeat the 2017 list and add more sport or more books, more sex (joking) we will try to tell you our inner desires.

1. Travel to new places, places where we have never been and improve ourselves.

2. Be more confident. Social media is making us stronger and weaker at the same time. It’s a lot of pressure and a lot of fighting (with ourselves especially).

3. Get involved in social causes. We never did this `till now cause we wanted to promote only fashion but it’s time to do something for the people that need us. We will try to support all the projects that we believe in and to do our best for them.

4. Try to show you more styling tips and show you how to mix your clothes and be uber stylish. So many of you wrote us about this so this year we will figure it out a way to help you more.

5. Post more  on every channel. Even on Instagram. If you have suggestions we are more than happy to hear them. What would you like to read or see on the blog?! What are you interested in?! Help, help, help!

6. Listen more. We will listen to you more because you guys are the ones that matter! So this year it’s all about you and what do you expect from us! Share your thoughts and we will try to capture them all.

7. Donate. Clothes, money, food. There are so many in need and we should think more about what makes us humans.

8. Visit as many museums and exibits as possible.

9. Go to at least 2 fashion weeks. It’s not all fun and games, believe us but it helps us to meet new and old friends and make contacts with clients and new brands.

10. Be kind! No matter what. Makes us feel greater and happier.   So this is it! Another year has passed and it has been an amazing one, with a lot of adventures, new friends and amazing projects. We are super happy and grateful for all the fabulous experiences and we can’t wait for 2018 to start! And also thanks a lot for your support!HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s hope only for amazing things to happen!

Photo: Iuliana Popescu
Outfits: M Marquise (red dresses), Giulia Rossignoli (black and blue dresses), Fabtory (earrings)
Make-up: Claudia Neacsu
Hair: GETT`S
Location: Palatul Ghica Victoria
Balloons: Blu Party


Published by Andreea Michaela
  • Ewa Macherowska

    Beautiful photos! x

  • Anca

    Ar fi interesant sa faceti o postare in care sa aratati si modul in care editati pozele pentru social media. Cred ca multa lume ar fi interesanta. Happy new year!! Hope you accomplish everything you said above. Kisses!

  • Gabriela

    Foarte frumos articol!!! Mi-au placut pozele.

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