7 perfect summer dresses

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This fashion week, LaDoubleJ teams up with Milanese shopping institution Biffi for a pattern-tastic pop up shop. La DoubleJ is taking the Summer holiday by storm. The maximal-minded lifestyle brand presents their latest brilliant idea to bubble up from their print-happy headquarters next to the Navigli: a working wardrobe for every hour of an Italian summer’s day. The Milanese masters of the pattern clash have crafted a complete collection of 7 super chic summer dresses for every occasion under the (don’t say Tuscan) sun. Just in time for a sensational spring, these 7 summer dresses will be available online in February!

1. The ‘Getting My Croissant’ Dress Toss this oversized, calf-length & collared number over your head and the perfectly coiffed ladies at your local pasticceria will be none the wiser that you just rolled out of bed craving carbs. Made in cotton stretch and featuring our evergreen favourite prints, Palazzo, in red and blue, and Geometrico, in fuchsia and teal. This dress is the greatest sidekick to your perfect summer morning.

2. The ‘What Do You Mean I Can’t Wear A Bikini In The Beach Club?’ Dress AKA The Over The Bikini Dress. Let’s hope the camerieri at your local beachside bistro don’t have a memory that stretches back to last summer when you got kicked out for sporting only a bikini at the buffet. This year, you come prepared. Our quasi-Kaftan beach slip in Cotton voile — with an open collar and long, wide sleeves — is the ideal ingredient for instant chic and comes in both technicolour Zoo and blue and red Faccine vintage prints. Plus, when you tie the bow and cinch the waist, you’re almost ready for the office.

3. The ‘Apres Swim’ Dress This all body friendly dress does what it says! A slick kaftan to shimmy into after you emerge, Bond Girl-like, from the Adriatic surf. Long, ballooning sleeves and a square cut neck will have you channeling all your favourite sixties starlets. Made in cascading reams of voluminous cotton voile in Pavone Verde and Donne prints. To tie or not to tie, it’s up to you!

4. The ‘Afternoon on a Yacht’ Dress Perfect for an afternoon bobbing on a big shiny boat in the Mediterranean. Dropped armholes and a funky fringe let this super cotton stunner be worn both bandeau-style and over the shoulder. With a fitted bust and flowing skirt, it comes in both orange and white Papavero floral print.

5. The ‘Slightly Sunburnt at Aperitivo’ Dress AKA The Aperitivo Dress Ok, so. You may have overdone it with the bronzing oil and now your skin is radiating with the heat of a thousand suns. No fear! DoubleJ is here with an oversized, sleeveless number with a dropped waist you can slip over your head and still look endlessly chic at cocktail hour. Plus, thin straps and a plunging V in both back and front means built in sexiness: no shoulder chafing required. Offered in the Riviera Print, with vertical red and blue stripes in soft cotton, Zoo Rosa and Faccine Piazzate.

6. The ‘Candlelight Dinner at the Pellicano’ Dress Officially the world’s best summer date-night dress. With a fitted bodice, classic round chest and a flowing, tiered skirt, this 100% silk masterpiece will make sure all eyes are on you. It comes in gorgeous green Pavone Verde, Papaveri Arancio and Palazzo Righe

7. The ‘I’m Definitely Catching the Bouquet at this Wedding’ Dress AKA The Wedding Guest Dress There is nothing on earth more fun than an Italian wedding. Scratch that — there is nothing on more fun than an Italian wedding when you’re the best dressed gal there (besides the bride, of course).

If you can’t wait till fall to get your hands on brand new La DoubleJ, the Spring/Summer 2018 collection will be ready and available to shop in store at BANNER on the first floor for the entire fashion week. The Italian holiday-inspired ‘7 Summer Dresses’ capsule collection will be available, as well as their latest vintageprinted trousers, skirts and shirts, and a preview of the upcoming swim collection which debuts in April. La DoubleJ is thrilled to be collaborating with Biffi for their latest, much anticipated fashion week pop-up. Following successful stints at Paris’s Le Bon Marche, New York’s Bergdorf Goodman and London’s Liberty, Biffi is the perfect hometown location to play host to La DoubleJ’s maximal-minded aesthetic.We saw it, we loved it, we want it! 


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